Annette, Traleena & Florence King, bring you, An Evening Of Spirit Connection

Annette, Traleena & Florence King, bring you, An Evening Of Spirit Connection with PTV Australia.

Let’s get to know psychic Florence King

Florence [9878]

I discovered my gifts a little later in life and I am so passionate about my craft. I love life and the afterlife. My main skill is mediumship giving validation that our loved ones exist beyond this world. I am well known for the strong connections I make with your passed over loved ones. I make deep, honest and real connections to those dear to you.

As a psychic I see past present and future as well. A registered author and have self-published two books – My Passion My Life (A Woman / Medium’s Journey) and Florence. I am currently working on my third book.

I do stage shows around the country and was honoured to be voted the 2014 People’s Choice Award Winner from the International Psychics Association. (The first time the award was ever introduced and there were only two recipients).

As a psychic and mediumship development teacher I am thrilled to help people discover their own spiritual talents. Having suffered many personal losses myself and hardships I truly have compassion for others due to my own experiences. I look forward to connecting with you as we stroll down memory lane with a few tears and laughs along the way.

Let’s get to know psychic Traleena

Traleena [9159]

Hello, I am Traleena.

I am an empath, psychic medium, Bar’s Practitioner, Reiki Master, Picture readings, Psychometry, Intuitive Tarot reader.

I can see and feel energy, and sometimes smell.

I have always believed in Spirit and understand the suffering and pain within as the world shifts forward. I have a kind heart, compassion and a genuine soul.

Losing my brother as a young adult was horrific and supporting our mother was extraordinary. For me it is an honour and a blessing connecting with you and your loved ones in spirit, helping gain some inner peace, clarity, closure, a smile in your heart, healing tears and guidance along your path.

Let’s get to know psychic Annette

Annette [9151]

Hi I am an empath psychic medium. I have always been intuitive and helped people find clarity, direction and guidance. I am so lucky to have had some wonderful mentors, my Grandmother who made me aware of my abilities when I was young and Florence King who truly believed in me. I am a Psychic, Medium, and Intuitive card reader. I am an active Reader/stall holder at various Psychic & Alternative Fairs.

I communicate with spirit and use a combination of Psychic, Mediumship, Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Cards or psychometry readings to bring you guidance, clarity to move forward. I look forward to using my psychic abilities to help people.

Readings cover the past, present or future. I can do general readings or focus in on one question or area of your life.

An Evening with Florence King & Psychic TV

It’s all happening from the Psychic TV Australia Facebook page on Wednesday evenings at 8pm. As renowned psychic & PTV alumni Florence King connects with you & bridges connection between this realm and the next.

What’s On?

First, ensure you are following PTV on Facebook then join the event at the top of the page buy clicking on ‘get reminder’ – see the event here.

Then, from 8pm [AET] you will be notified when Florence goes LIVE for Readings.

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