Interview With Psychic Linda

Psychic Linda: Getting to know our Psychics on an individual level, allows you to connect with them and better understand their energy.

We at Psychic TV Australia believe that this allows you to make informed judgements when selecting the right Psychic for your call.

Today we’re getting to know Psychic Linda Usope.

  • How did you become aware of your Psychic abilities?

My first memories of connection to spirit or realising I was different was when I was little, about the age of 4/5, my dad had left us and as I think back is when spirit let itself known was about then, it was quit scary then, not understanding.

My mother put it down to a vivid imagination, born and raised catholic I payed awake many night praying I would be safe, day time I was in my element outside connecting to the earth, imaginary friend that talked back, only I could see, always having an awareness of when I was safe or not.

But an awareness with future episodes was frightening as a child. My Dad passed when I was 10; to me he did not die he was always there to help/ guide me.

Even though he passed he never left me, I knew him more in death than I did in life growing up. I knew a felt back then I was not alone and always felt I was never alone.

  • What has become a highlight of your lightwork and connecting with spirit?

Wow! How do I answer this?

There have been so many but if I have to pick one is the day Lisa Williams asked me to train under her to become one of her Master Teachers.

Studying every day for 12 months, spending a Month in her home in a little town in America, Lily Dale, where Modern Day Spiritualism began. Learning  about the history of Lily Dale, Spiritualism, The Fox Sisters, standing, connecting, hearing taps in the foundations of their original cottage. Being present for demonstrations in the churches in Lily Dale, as well as delivering at the Stump.

Becoming one of Lisa’s Master Teachers, and owning my gift and knowing I have the ability to pass my knowledge on to many, helping them to find their voice, taking the fear out of what they see and hear and understanding never to been frightened in what we see. There is life after death, and it is ok to be different.

  • When working with clients, what aspect of this process brings you the most joy?

When spirit, their loved ones, come through with so much love and validation and they realise they are still there. It’s the love, the validation, the beautiful connection.

I feel the love, weather it’s to say goodbye or forgiveness, or helping them to let go, with advise from the other side, closure. To let there loved ones there not alone, they are going to be ok, and they are ok. As well as letting them know there fur babies are ok. Love is love, and that connection fills my heart knowing I do this with honour to spirit and love.

  • What is your personal method for opening to messages and/or spirit connection?

After each client I give thanks: Thank you for trusting me to connect to your loved one and I thank spirit for honouring and trusting me with the information.

I thank my guides for always being there for me. I call them my ‘bouncers’ on my door; they keep me safe and protect me from  harm.

At the end of the day, I burn sage and walk out side, take deep breaths and connect to the earth. I wear no shoes, but winter I do have socks on lol.  A hot bath and rock salt, or I use sage soap if showering.

  • Have you always worked spiritually, or have you worked in other fields/careers?

I think I have always been spiritual but we all must live a human existence.

I have had many job changes over the years but so funny when I look back I was always of service.

I’m a mum of 4; a Nan  of 5, I’ve worked in the Department of social security and in catering for 10 years. I was a teachers aid, nursed elderly, AIN, I volunteered with domestic violence, won volunteer of the year, worked in a police station for 10 years, and now teach and work with forensic mediumship. Still volunteering and helping young ones with cell support.

As I said, spirit has put me in many rolls of service but I am a working  full time Psychic Medium, the most satisfying Roll in life (apart from my family) my spirit family are my love, I am blessed every day to do what I do.

  • What is your idea of a perfect Saturday evening?

I work/read/ teach  5 days a week, so Saturday night to me is a long hot bath, pj’s on, watching tv. Maybe no cooking, feet up, and being me with family.

Breathing, laughing and connecting to my world, my family. We all need balance and looking after who we are, mind, body and soul.

  • What is your one key piece of advice for anyone considering whether or not to have a professional psychic reading?

First understanding the difference, a Psychic will connect to your past present future, they can use cards,  tools to help validate their information. A medium connects to your loved ones crossed over.

Make sure you are ready to hear  the information you need to hear. We need you to work energetically with us but do talk or feed them information, let then give you the information, do your research, a good psychic medium should have strong ethics, and be honest with you.

  • Lastly, what is a favourite quote

I have always spoken open and honest with my students, there is two quotes of pieces of info I try to Instil in them.

First one is, if spirit gives you “a purple elephant with pink spots”, you get it! you give it! you deliver it! you have no right to edit your information, it’s not yours. – Linda Usope

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. – Unknown


If you’re interested with connecting with Psychic Linda or learning more about them, you can connect here: Linda Usope

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