LIVE Readings With Grace & Lyon Dee: Hosted by Harry T

Live Readings with Psychic TV Australia Facebook LIVE event: This week we have Grace [9888] & Lyon Dee [9801].

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Let’s get to know our Psychics for this weeks Facebook LIVE a little better.

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LYON DEE [9801]

Get to know:


I have been a practising clairvoyant for over 38 years. I was born a psychic. I was blessed with the gift that was handed down to me by my Irish Great Grandmother Sarah O’Reilly. Believe in yourself and miracles do happen. I trust in God and the Universe that I will help the beautiful souls that may need my guidance.

I use tarot cards as a tool to clarify what I “see” and “feel”. I am self-taught. My favourite cards I use are the Rider Waite Tarot and I love using Mlle Lenormand French Fortune Telling Cards.

I am also blessed as a Medium. I love doing angel readings, as I connect with my 6 month old daughter Sarah who passed 15 years ago and any loved ones that my clients may have lost. This tragedy made my psychic abilities even stronger. I have a strong client base. My business is called “Sarahdipity” which is a mix of my daughter’s name and my favourite word “Serendipity”.

I have also travelled all over Australia helping families who have lost children. I have also been nominated for Australian of the Year 2012 by the charity Small Miracles that I do volunteer work for. I am a trained grievance counsellor. Helping and guiding people is my passion. I love being a psychic. This is what I was born to do.

grace ptv australia

GRACE [9888]

Get to know:


I am a psychic, medium and holistic healer. I am a compassionate warm, sensitive, empathetic medium. I receive information using my clairvoyance and mediumship abilities to provide direct and incredible connections with the Spirit Word.

Grace loves to help you in making right choices
– Attain prosperity and abundance
– Have better relationships
– Live your soul vision
– Attain your goals in life

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