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Gregory Charles

Gregory Charles
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Psychic Medium Spiritual Counsellor Astrology Tarot Cards

Rate: $4.00

I am available days and evenings.

About Gregory Charles

Gregory Charles 's sign is Aries

Skills: Clairvoyant    Clairsentient    Medium    Psychic   

Tools: Runestones    Numerology    Astrology    Tarot Cards    Pendulum   

Subjects: Love/relationships    Career/work    Pets/animals   

Languages: English   

I have been practicing as a Professional Psychic Medium for over 25 years both in the United Kingdom and Australia. My Mother and her Mother also had this wonderful gift and as one of six children I was the chosen one. I have read for thousands of people from all around the world and it gives me such joy to be able to guide and provide light and love. I use multiple tools to bring substance and accuracy in to all of my readings which include Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and Pendulum work.

This unique integrated style gives such clarity and confirmation in response to the question the client is asking about. My purpose in this life is that of the "Winged Messenger" bringing the message to those who seek.

To pay by debit or credit card
$4.00 per minute Credit/debit card: $40 for 10 minutes $80 for 20 minutes $120 for 30 minutes $160 for 40 minutes. This entertainment service provided by PTV communications Pty Ltd. Customer care: 1300057061

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