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Geoffrey Lawrence

Geoffrey Lawrence
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Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Rate: $4.00


About Geoffrey Lawrence

Geoffrey Lawrence 's sign is Taurus

Skills: Clairvoyant    Medium    Psychic   



Languages: English   

A natural born psychic, whose psychic ability is second to none. Geoffrey has such a strong sixth sense that it scares even him at times. He has daily premonitions that happen on a local and international level.

Geoffrey has been managing directors of his own business and many other cooperate companies, for decades. At this stage of his life, his psychic gift is his greatest passion and Geoffrey wishes to hone his skills to help as many people as possible. A people person in every sense, with an authentic heart of gold.

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$4.00 per minute Credit/debit card: $40 for 10 minutes $80 for 20 minutes $120 for 30 minutes $160 for 40 minutes. This entertainment service provided by PTV communications Pty Ltd. Customer care: 1300057061

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