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Ben Mihan

Ben Mihan
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Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Rate: $4.00

Monday to Friday after 8pm Saturday and Sundays from 5pm - 1am

About Ben Mihan

Ben Mihan's sign is Aquarius

Skills: Clairvoyant    Clairsentient    Clairaudient    Life Coach    Counsellor    Medium    Psychic    Channeler   

Tools: Tarot Cards   

Subjects: Love/relationships    Career/work    Destiny/life path    Lost people/pets    Past lives    Deceased loved ones   

Languages: English   

My Name is Ben Mihan I am 30 years old and originally from Melbourne but now based in Brisbane. I work as a TV Traffic Reporter on the Queensland 4pm Afternoon News. My Job intales Flying around in a Helicopter across South East Queensland doing a couple of Live Crosses On TV. Also Recently I achieved my Childhood Dream which was to get my Pilots Licence which I have had now for over a Year.

Away from being up in the Sky each day I am a Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic and Life Coach based in Brisbane in Queensland but often travel around Australia for various Live Appearances, Readings, Spiritual Expos and so on.

On a Personal Front I have had my Fair Share of Mountains to Climb back in 2012 I was Struck by a Car whilst walking across a Road which ended with me needing to have Major Spinal Surgery. Recently I nearly lost my Father to Stage 4 Cancer and these things has given me a Stronger Appreciation for Life as It’s so Precious.

Each day I get Visions and Premonitions coming through to me about things relating to the Future for World Issues, Relationships, Finance, Family, Careers, Illnesses and Deaths among People (Although I am not a Doctor) I am quite Medically Intuitive, General Life Situations and so on.

I also can tap into the Spirit World and speak with Loved Ones who have passed over and get messages across to help fill gaps in Situations were Family May need some Answers or some sort of Closure as such.

I find It extremly Rewarding to be able to Provide Guidance also to People who may find certain Life Situations hard to Navigate on their Own. I have also been a Life Coach for the last few years and I find It’s so Important to have Compassion & Empathy for others despite the Circumstances.

I Look Forward to being part of the Psychic TV Team here in Australia and as I continue to use my Gift as a Clairvoyant,Psychic, Medium & Life Coach.

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