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Sammi B

Sammi B
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Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Tarot Cards

Rate: $4.00

Available today Sat till 2pm

About Sammi B

Sammi B's sign is Virgo

Skills: Clairvoyant    Clairsentient    Counsellor    Medium    Psychic    Wicca    Channeler   

Tools: Tarot Cards   

Subjects: Love/relationships    Career/work    Past lives    Deceased loved ones   

Languages: English   

Sammi B is a Spiritual & Clairvoyant Tarot reader who has been in the industry for over 30yrs. She is a practising Wiccan and teacher of the old ways. 3rd generation gypsy/witch, English born and been a regular appearing on PTV. Sammi likes to work on a "no questions asked" basis, but is also happy to answer and help with any you may have. She is a published author, teacher, and medium.

Sammi is also the Psychic consultant for the S.C.I. Paranormal investigations team, house clearer and a qualified Holistic Therapist. She looks forward to connecting with you and her favourite saying "It's all good”.

To pay by debit or credit card
$4.00 per minute Credit/debit card: $40 for 10 minutes $80 for 20 minutes $120 for 30 minutes $160 for 40 minutes. This entertainment service provided by PTV communications Pty Ltd. Customer care: 1300057061

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