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Rhonda Kelly

Rhonda Kelly
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Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Spiritual Counsellor Astrology

Rate: $4.00

I am available most weekdays and weeknights, and some weekends.

About Rhonda Kelly

Rhonda Kelly's sign is Sagittarius

Skills: Clairvoyant    Clairsentient    Clairaudient    Counsellor    Medium    Psychic   

Tools: Numerology    Astrology    Pendulum    Oracle Cards    Angel Cards   

Subjects: Love/relationships    Career/work    Pets/animals    Destiny/life path    Lost objects    Lost people/pets    Past lives    Deceased loved ones   

Languages: English   

Rhonda is a medical intuitive and a psychic and medium. She can also interpret dreams and help resolve sleep problems. She has had a ‘knowing’ since childhood. Her connection to spirit has given her peace of mind during her own hardships in life.

Rhonda does phone readings and in-person readings at fairs and expos. She tunes into the energy of the person she is reading for, whether in person, on platform, photo or by phone. Her readings are honest and direct. They can also be fun.

Her aim is to empower people to trust their own intuition and take control of their situation. This may cover work, family, home, financial or relationship issues.

Psychic readings cover the past, present or future. She can do general readings or focus in on one question or area of your life.

Mediumship readings involve connecting with the other side, using clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance. She often brings through pets. She validates the passing by acknowledging the pain or illness experienced or the way the person passed. Personality traits and specific messages are also brought through.

At fairs and expos, she sells affirmation rocks and art. Each one is hand painted and unique, leaving people with a positive message and affirmation to take home. For upcoming dates or to contact her, look for the Facebook group ‘Rhonda’s Readings and Rocks’.

To pay by debit or credit card
$4.00 per minute Credit/debit card: $40 for 10 minutes $80 for 20 minutes $120 for 30 minutes $160 for 40 minutes. This entertainment service provided by PTV communications Pty Ltd. Customer care: 1300057061

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