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Barbara Marks has been a psychic since she was five years old. “It’s a gift,” she says simply. But what she offers her clients is anything but simple. She does all kinds of readings: palm readings, card readings, and crystal readings. She does chakra balancing, spiritual cleansing, family cleansing, business cleansing, meditation sessions and more. “I have clients from all over the world and I travel all over the world. I’m an international healer,” she says. She helps people with their relationships and marriages, helps businesses with their employees, and helps people with stressful jobs. “I’ve worked with people on Wall Street, politicians, CIA, FBI, large companies, all kinds of law enforcement,” she says. She loves living and working in Aspen. “It’s the most beautiful place in the whole world,” she says. “The natural energy here is so amazing. It’s such a healing area. And I love the people-it’s a community and a family

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