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My Name is Ben Mihan I am 30 years old and originally from Melbourne but now based in Brisbane. I work as a TV Traffic Reporter on the Queensland 4pm Afternoon News. My Job intales Flying around in a Helicopter across South East Queensland doing a couple of Live Crosses On TV. Also Recently I achieved my Childhood Dream which was to get my Pilots Licence which I have had now for over a Year.

Away from being up in the Sky each day I am a Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic and Life Coach based in Brisbane in Queensland but often travel around Australia for various Live Appearances, Readings, Spiritual Expos and so on.

On a Personal Front I have had my Fair Share of Mountains to Climb back in 2012 I was Struck by a Car whilst walking across a Road which ended with me needing to have Major Spinal Surgery. Recently I nearly lost my Father to Stage 4 Cancer and these things has given me a Stronger Appreciation for Life as It’s so Precious.

Each day I get Visions and Premonitions coming through to me about things relating to the Future for World Issues, Relationships, Finance, Family, Careers, Illnesses and Deaths among People (Although I am not a Doctor) I am quite Medically Intuitive, General Life Situations and so on.

I also can tap into the Spirit World and speak with Loved Ones who have passed over and get messages across to help fill gaps in Situations were Family May need some Answers or some sort of Closure as such.

I find It extremly Rewarding to be able to Provide Guidance also to People who may find certain Life Situations hard to Navigate on their Own. I have also been a Life Coach for the last few years and I find It’s so Important to have Compassion & Empathy for others despite the Circumstances.

I Look Forward to being part of the Psychic TV Team here in Australia and as I continue to use my Gift as a Clairvoyant,Psychic, Medium & Life Coach.

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  • I was lucky enough to be able to book in a for a Reading with Ben Mihan and oh my god wow is all I can say truly blown away by how accurate and precise he was with everything. Ben brought up things in the reading including conversations I had with my brother days earlier regarding my Mum’s will and estate after she passed away.

    No one knew anything about what these conversations consisted of but Ben was spot on which blew me away. I strongly recommend booking in with Ben Mihan for a reading he can really connect with your loved ones that have crossed over and shows so much compassion towards whatever you may be going through in life. Thank you so much Ben.

Jenny F
  • Great reading thank you. Highly recommended.

Elise White
  • He was amazing and right on point. Everything made sense. Very strong connection and felt super comfortable talking with Ben! Definitely the right choice!!!!

Brooke Royston
  • I was really in need of hearing from my mother and this Angel helped me by connecting with her and giving me the validation I needed. You are a Blessing my friend❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nikki Hernandez
  • I just had a reading with Ben. everything was so spot on I was amazed! He is absolutely fantastic and I recommend for everyone to have a reading by him. Again. I was shocked of what he knew and I’m thankful for him sharing it with me. Thanks Ben. It was a great experience. 5 stars.

Smith Isobel May
  • I got a completely different perspective and everything he said tonight was true, I do rush into things and tend to dive in head first instead of standing back for a moment so I’m very grateful for the insight he has given me.

Abbs Hazel
  • Ben has a way of making you feel so at home and comfortable, no matter the situation during a Reading. His raw and honest approach to the psychic world is unlike any other I have ever experienced, and he makes sure to guide you through his thoughts as they come forth. His guidance was on point, he is the real deal. Ben knew names and dates he could not possibly have known of certain events that took place. Ben’s approach to the his readings as a Psychic is unlike any other I’ve come across definitely Impressed and feeling blessed to have crossed paths with him.

Isabella S
  • I had an amazing reading tonight with ben. he certainly left no leaf unturned. absolutely amazing to talk to ❤💙❤

Ghiada Raine Beer
  • Everything Ben said was on point. He touched on a few things in a general reading. I desperately hope one day to get a medium reading from him. Thanks Ben!

Brandy Pizzano
  • I had a reading with Ben and it was amazing. Such a beautiful soul. Thank you

Nivek Kevin
  • Ben is such a beautiful and genuine soul. I Have had a few chats with Ben and they have always been spot on . Ben is always online in his personal time offering free readings to the community.

Jessica Gonzalez
  • Ben has a way of making you feel so at home and comfortable, no matter the situation. His raw and honest approach to the psychic world is unlike any other, and he makes sure to guide you through his thoughts as they come forth. Thank you for also sharing your story with me. I don’t even know how to begin to thank you for the insight and support. I feel empowered and ready to take on the world (after i take a nap lmao). Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🖤

Isabella Costanza
  • Had a great chat with Ben!! He’s lovely. He gave some great guidance and helped clear all those foggy decisions about our future. Thanks Ben 😁

Nicole Rickard
  • I had a live reading done tonight. Certainly wasn’t the outcome I expected (also scary in a way) but everything was spot on. It was a reading from my dad and the messages that came across was spot on 100% from a simple question that was ask anything from my dad. it is wonderful to know my dad is still with me after all these yrs. I will definitely get more of reading later on and will recommend Ben to my family and friends.

Zoe A Button
  • So inspirational and guiding with such spot on accuracy it’s beautiful also how he offers free readings in addition to paid readings for those who are in need of spiritual healing or guidance but unable to seek such assistance. What a great guy! Had a reading with Ben tonight and he was spot on with everything “WOW” would be an appropriate reaction and highly recommended will definitely be keeping in contact because everything resonated with me and my mum and our personal life both spiritual and circumstances thank you so much for your time and look forward to keeping in touch. Definitely eager to see Leilani with her future friends from beyond in a sense 💕 Light & blessings to you Ben. xx


Jade Petal Reweti-Nocera
  • Had a free reading from Ben tonight, he was spot on ! Also had a paid reading also spot on , I also get weekly readings delivered to my inbox each Monday !! Highly recommend great way to start the week , thanks Ben 💕😊🙏🏻

Kim McLennan
  • I just had some insight from Ben on a live reading and he was spot on… right down to his “example” which was also correct. Thank you Ben

Rachel Peters
  • After being rejected by 2 other spiritual people who took my money and didn’t want to give me the reading, I was drawn to Ben and his reading was Sooo comforting. Also so accurate that something he actually told me came true within 2 days! It was crazy. I can’t recommend him enough and will encourage anyone who is looking for clarity and comfort to message him. Fast, accurate and beautiful reading. Thank you x

Hayley Goldsmith
  • Great readings….spot on!!

Sharon Wicks
  • As much as I didn’t want to hear the news I was told Ben was spot on with the details, he’s genuine and for him to give free advice to help people in his own time is very rare. Thank you Ben.

Gabby D’Annunzio
  • I had my reading with Ben for the first time was only a short reading but most of what was said resinated I was told my nan in spirit is around me I am not sure what one also that nan communicates by making a toy go of I will be sure to keep an ear 👂 out for this as I hang heard anything as yet…. I will look forward to my next reading 😊🙏🏼😇 love and light.

Amanda Sands
  • Had a reading with Ben recently and was blown away at his accuracy! He gave me a lot of clarity on things that I needed guidance with and answered so many questions! He has such a kind nature it felt more like I was chatting to a friend ✨ I highly recommend 💫 🙏

Bella Harris
  • Had a reading tonight and he was so spot on about mine and my ex relationship. He was also spot on about my friend. Highly recommend it was amazing

Zara Irwin
  • We lost my brother recently and had our own theories of how he passed and I asked Ben and without hesitation he immediately spoke on one of the health problems we thought were more than likely the cause. He spoke of my brother as if he was next to him and knew him and we live in different countries across the world. Everything resonated and has brought such a calming to our anxiety and a peace to our hearts. I highly recommend Ben. Truly amazing experience. I highly recommend him!

Candace Eubank Doporto
  • Absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend Ben. He certainly has a gift ! I was amazed by the fact that he knew certain information about myself/family that I hadn’t discussed with anyone else. A true talent.

Kylie Rapson
  • Had a reading with him and he is amazing. He wasn’t the first person I spoke to about my personal issues but he connected me with my loved one on the most personal level possible and he gave me the answers that I needed. He is such an amazing and kind soul and wish him the best of luck with everything he does.

Carla De Vera
  • I was blown away by Ben’s reading , Ben is truly gifted with his insight and was so spot on with everything I’m currently going through. The guidance was so clear and on point, enabling me to move forward with my goals. Ben’s precise accuracy has taken all the worries and what if’s away and given me clarity and direction with what lies ahead so I can get back to being in the moment and living my life .
    Thank you Ben, will speak again soon.

Dayani Steer
  • Oh my! I had a reading with Ben! it was incredible! so insightful and spot on! Ben gives so much value on top of your reading I highly recommend! Be patient and everything works out! Thanks so much Ben I loved talking with you so much I could just have you call me randomly for a chat! You won’t be disappointed with what you receive.

Kirsty Lee Coaching
  • I had a reading tonight with Ben and he went over and beyond for me. He was so polite and very professional. So easy to connect with and gave me so much helpful information, would highly recommend him to anyone I speak with! Look forward to talking with you again.

Ness Ferguson
  • Got a free reading on one of bens lives tonight and I must say I didn’t really believe in this type of stuff until he actually responded to my comment. He was so spot on that I’m still in shock. and actually cried at what he had to say because of how true it all was when there’s no way he could’ve known my situation 😅. 100% recommend him for a reading youll be shocked!

Taylor Weåring
  • Yes would definitely recommend Ben!! He gave me alot of insight into my past and future. Knew alot of things that were absolutely spot on, I was very surprised. Ben you are very good at this! Thank you and I look forward to another session very soon 😊

Angelica Aria-Hutchinson
  • I’ve had two free readings from Ben and he has been spot on with everything I highly recommend him.

Natalie Davis
  • Ben brought up many things during my reading that he couldn’t of possibly known other than receiving messages directly from my dad in spirit. Thank you again Ben for connecting me with my dad it means so much to me and my family. I would highly recommend booking a Reading with Ben a truly special soul with a heart of gold.

Hannah C
  • Had the opportunity to meet Ben and listen to him empower and encourage our daughter. His guidance was on point, he is the real deal people..Ben knew names and dates he could not possibly have known. An hour after still blown away with his reading and also the compassion he shows. Definitely not a text book guide. Blessed to have crossed paths!

Amelia Pohatu
  • I had my first reading in March and Ben told me things that I couldn’t see happening. Well they have happened. He is so accurate. I have just had another reading. Some things he said I can see happening and some things will blow me away when they happen. Such a lovely man who has a very caring heart. I would highly recommend getting a reading from Ben.

Kathy Miller
  • Had an email reading with Ben. He was thorough with answering questions, giving me guidance and very warm approach. Excited to see his prediction unfolds. Will certainly asking for Ben’s guidance in the future. Recommended!!

Lydia Sutanto
  • I truly enjoyed my experience, my reading with Ben helped me in making the right decision for me and my family. I would highly recommend Ben , he was spot on with everything he told me.

Bernardlis Hirovanaa
  • Absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend Ben Mihan for a Reading. He certainly has a gift ! I was amazed by the fact that he knew certain information about myself/family that I hadnt discussed with anyone else. A true talent and one of a kind.

Kylie R
  • Ben was right on the money with the little reading he done for me on his weekly live. never had someone be so accurate! highly recommend.

Amy Swanson
  • I had a an eye opening & spot on reading & I will definitely be recommending you Ben to my friends & family.

Leione Conley
  • Beautiful soul human amazing spiritual guidance.

Teresa Witte
  • I was lucky enough to have a free reading the other night, Ben was just about spot on with everything he said and I would highly recommend him…. I can’t wait to book a paid reading with him now 😁
    Thank you Ben god bless you

    OMG WOW is all I can say … had a reading on the 10/7/19 and Ben was so spot on with everything I mean everything right down to the conversation I had earlier that day with my brother , I strongly recommend Ben for a reading he can really connect with your loved ones that have crossed over thank you so much Ben
    Love n light to you 🙏❤️❤️

Jenny Finlay
  • I’d recommend Ben 100% he’s spot on ❤

Neeta Theia
  • Ben was kind enough to give me a free reading for which he answered a lot of questions I had about my husbands passing last year. Thank you Ben. You are a professional at what you do and above all a great person. Thank you once again.

Maria Joanou Kapnopulos
  • I highly recommend Ben. I had a phone reading tonight and Ben was so spot on.

Kandice Williams
  • Very warm and engaging style. I’m excited to see these predictions unfold. Quite specific. I would recommend a reading with Ben. Looking forward already to my next one. 🙏🌸 Sharon Duff

Sharon Dee