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I am available mostly in the evenings and some weekends

About Donna Young


  • Channeler
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Life Coach
  • Medium
  • Psychic


  • English


  • Angel Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Runestones
  • Tarot Cards


  • Career/work
  • Deceased loved ones
  • Destiny/life path
  • Lost objects
  • Lost people/pets
  • Love/relationships
  • Past lives
  • Pets/animals

Star Sign:

  • Libra 


Donna is an experienced Trance Medium, Clairvoyant and Tarot reader. As a Trance Medium she will connect and deliver messages from your family, friends, and guides who watch over you. Gifted with a no nonsense approach, her readings provide guidance and insight into life’s challenges. She is highly recommended for her accurate, detailed predictions for the future and has a large following in Australia, USA, United Kingdom, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Donna also shares her knowledge and wisdom by teaching all areas of Spirituality at the Spirit Club.  At the 2019 Global Health Conference, Donna was the first Psychic Medium to be invited which resulted in overwhelming feedback with requests to attend in future years. You can find Donna travelling Australia on her own or with others as ‘Mediums On Tour’ with either Live shows or via Zoom.


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  • Had such a beautiful and accurate reading. Donna is such a gifted woman and has really answered my prayers and all my questions in relations to my readings. I would 100% recommend her. Thanks Donna for your gifted reading.

Alicia Cray
  • Dee was absolutely amazing! Totally blew our group of ladies away with her accuracies! Definitely the real deal!
    Totally recommend 🙌🏼 xox

Kellie Jansen
  • Brilliantly gifted, the real deal !

Jules Ellis
  • Donna was so amazing with my family, welcoming , sensitive and so warm. Thank you so much for your special messages delivered with such empathy. We so enjoyed our night with Donna and Lorraine 🌸xx

Beth Rich
  • Just had a private reading with Donna, and all I can say is wow, she told me things she couldn’t of possibly known.
    She was lovely and didn’t rush me out when time was up, we actually went a little overtime.
    Thanks so much Donna,
    Would definitely recommend you to anyone.

Julie Sweetman
  • First experience with a psychic/medium and I’m blown away and still in shock. She was absolutely spot on and had me in tears. I went home so happy with closure just what I needed to hear ❤️

Courtney Cardile
  • Fantastic reading today from Donna, she was spot on with everything. It was very comforting hearing from my Grandma xx

Sherylee Yeo
  • Best reading I have ever had! highly recommend getting a reading. I will definitely be going back.

Nicole Perrotta
  • Extremely helpful reading really enjoyed speaking with Dee, didnt have to give her any information initially she was very accurate and to the point with her insights, spoke on things as if she had seen the inner workings of my life and left me feeling reassured within the areas of my life I was previously uncertain about
    Would definitely recommend a reading from Dee if you are new to the psychic world and just opening up to it or have developed a strong familiarity with it over the years!

Brock Bentley
  • Donna is truly amazing and gifted. Highly recommend her. She knew exactly what i wanted to hear and is right on the money. From family, to my future, to everything in between. I was amazed at what i was hearing. Incredibly accurate

Wade Podrez
  • Donna is very intuitive and gave great insight into my past, present and guidance for the future. I would highly recommend her she is amazing.

Kylie Cassidy
  • For some reason I can’t rate this woman but it would be 6 stars out of 5, she is very accurate with her readings, she has predicted stuff that has happened and her guides have helped me to become a better person. xxx She has a lovely soul and would do anything for anyone and not expect anything in return. xx

Alexandria Eves
  • I had a reading with Donna this evening and she was able to bring me reassurance and closure by connecting with someone that will always hold a place in my heart. I definitely reccommend Donna, her abilities are a gift and I am so greatful that I got to experience a reading with her. I look forward to my next reading.

Elizabeth Howdin
  • Seen this beautiful lady platform at seven hills spiritual centre yesterday, her connection and communication with spirit is amazing. I highly recommend booking in with this lady for a one to one, genuine evidence and beautiful messages from love ones x

Benjalena Smith
  • Amazing experience with Donna thank you 😊

Jen and Nick Handley
  • Great reading by Dee-very spot on and told me things I do know but I didn’t want to accept. It gave me clarity and so much hope. Thanks for the contact xo

Mandi Moo Barton
  • Had a reading last night with Donna wow is all I can say everything Donna said was 100% accurate.Donna gave me answers to certain things in my life I didn’t know why it was happening to me .when I got off the phone from her it came to me yes that’s exactly where things Started A big thank you Donna I’m so at peace now and know what I have to do and say to fix it I so highly recommend Donna because you will get answers and comfort from a beautiful passionate caring lady So Donna thank you from the bottom of my heart for that fantastic reading and everyone out there if you want a reading Donna is the absolute accurate Psychic/Medium I’ve ever had and I highly recommend her 🙏🏻

Diane Drummond
  • Really good. Channeled my late dad. She picked up on things that no-one would know. Gave me advice from the other side that was valuable! Highly recommend!

Dimi Poulos
  • Over the last couple of years, Donna has been reading my cards. With every reading without a doubt she was so spot on. And thank you for your support hun. I highly recommend Donna. She is amazing.

Samantha Seymour
  • Definitely recommend, she is so lovely and extremely spot on with everything we spoke about! X

Emma Job
  • Seeing Donna was one of the best things I’ve done. I got some closure from the past and guidance for the future.

Michelle Hutchinson
  • Im quite sceptical when it comes to this saught of thing but speaking to Donna she knew things that no stranger could possibly know. Thank you for reaching out to my dad and helping me find some peace in it all 🙏🏽

Hollie Alexander
  • I had a reading done today. It made me cry hearing from my nan and my pop. My nan gave me a good kick in the arse that was needed. It’s good to know my pop is still as cheeky as always was. What was sad about my niece broke my heart all over again It’s something that only family knows. Thank you

Hollie Bright
  • I connected with Dee and omg she was spot on with what she said, concerning my partner, and the happenings around him, even down to timing like the exact time of day things happened, I will def be coming back for a reading again, I highly recommend anyone that what’s a reading by this lady to have one, spot on is all I can say and I thank her very much xx

Jae Lauren
  • I had a reading and it was brilliant. She described the people in my life exactly as they are and confirmed a lot of what I have been feeling. I highly recommend her and will go back again.

Michelle Mystique
  • Thank you Dee for lastnights reading and for showing me a clearer path to my life. You were spot-on with your answers and I recommend anyone who needs guidance in their life, to give Dee a call.

Diane Allen
  • Absolutely amazing!! Best reading I have had yet, thank you x

Serena Barrett
  • Well just spent half hour on the phone getting a reading and I’m amazed at how accurate she was in so many things I’ll definitely be getting another reading thank you x

Leeanne Patton
  • I strongly recommend heading along to see this, it blew me away last time they were here along with many other people in the audience. If you don’t believe in mediums being able to talk to our loved ones who have passed, I can assure you will after seeing Donna and other fabulous mediums on tour.

Shelley Whipper
  • I’ve never felt so much closure taken off my shoulders. I feel at somewhat peace after my session with Dee. I am so blown away, everything was so right!Look forward to seeing her again.

Makaila Otene
  • Amazing! everything was validated and was great. Def made my day. highly recommend. Will be booking in again very soon xx

Tahnee Pearson
  • Donna was spot on with what she said. Things that couldn’t be known even if research was done. Highly recommend her

Donna Morris