Isabel Vrtkovski
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About Isabel Vrtkovski


  • Channeler
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Counsellor
  • Life Coach
  • Medium
  • Psychic


  • English


  • Career/work
  • Deceased loved ones
  • Lost people/pets
  • Love/relationships

Star Sign:

  • Aries 


Isabel is a 4th generation Psychic. This stems from her great grandmother who was a Psychic. Isabel had been supported and nurtured by her mother Trish since she was a little girl, who is an amazingly accurate Psychic Clairvoyant and Intuitive who has now retired. Isabel’s only child ‘Ethan’ also has Psychic ability, since the age of three he was able to see visions, deliver messages from spirit and predicts future events. Although Isabel can read any tool, she chooses to channel through Automatic writing, where she is able to provide you with quick and accurate information while scribbling on paper.

Isabel is a Medical Intuitive, with the ability to address any health concerns. Although she cannot offer a diagnoses, Isabel will address areas of concern and she will guide you through the help of your health professional.

Isabel feels that it is important to choose a psychic you share energy with as it requires openness and trust. Isabel’s approach to readings is a fusion of humour, compassion and empathy. She has the ability to transform peoples lives and bring comfort to those in need.

If you want a warm and accurate experience, please call Isabel.

0488 809 966

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    • Medical reading involving full body scan, identified my low blood pressure.
    • Accurately described my fertility issues. Gave me some guidance as to what to investigate further.
    • Alleviated some anxiety about timing, as things are where they are meant to be.
    • Saw success around having children and career progression and recognition.