Jordie Janes

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About Jordie Janes


  • Medium
  • Reiki Healer


  • English


  • Oracle Cards
  • Tarot Cards


  • Deceased loved ones
  • Family


Jordie is a passionate and caring Medium who loves connecting with your loved ones and providing you with evidence that they are not to far away. With Jordie’s psychic readings she connects with your energy to give you clarity on whats going on around you. The Tarot or Oracle cards may be used at the end of the reading to confirm and clarify what has come up in the reading. She has worked on stage doing mediumship demonstrations around Australia bringing through loved ones and the providing proof of life after we transition to the spirit world.

Jordie also works as a spiritual energy healer as she incorporates Reiki, Crystals and light trance healing to help with the metaphysical side of healing. She works with her guides and yours to see where the healing needs to be focused.

As a teacher Jordie loves watching her students connect to their self awareness and build confidence in their natural gifts. As she believes everyone has the ability to connect to their loved ones as its only a thought away. Jordie enjoys doing in person and online workshops. In the last couple of years she has taught on a cruise ship and around Australia.

Jordie looks forward to connecting with you and your loved ones.


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