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About Angela


  • Energy/Body Reader
  • Medium
  • Psychic
  • Reiki Healer


  • English


  • Angel Cards
  • Crystal Ball
  • Tarot Cards


  • Career/work
  • Deceased loved ones
  • Past/Present/Future

Star Sign:

  • Capricorn 


Army Barracks Function, Markets, Phone & Video Readings, Distance Readings, Group Readings, Face-to-Face Readings, Small Group Teaching.

My name is Angela and I am a psychic medium. I like to deliver my information I receive in a natural way. I have been intuitive from a young age and found myself talking to spirits from then. I have done a lot of healing work for myself to then understand those that also surround me and in my workspace. I have completed my reiki 1 and 2 degree, I have attended development classes that have guided me to where I am today. I connect well with animals and nature, I love helping and love seeing everyone happy and I love learning new things. Mostly each reading I do I get mediumship and psychic predictions. I feel the energy of the person I’m reading from body feelings to emotions. I am highly empath and feel energies wherever I go.  My own experiences and knowledge has given me a whole different road to follow. I believe in believing and trusting in what you receive.


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