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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 6am - 9am

About Susan Penno


  • Channeler
  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Medium
  • Psychic
  • Reiki Healer


  • English


  • Crystals


  • Career/work
  • Destiny/life path
  • Lost objects
  • Lost people/pets
  • Love/relationships
  • Past lives
  • Pets/animals

Star Sign:

  • Gemini 


My name is Susan Penno and I work as a Professional Psychic, Trance Medium, Spirit Channel, Energy healer and Spiritual teacher.

I have always seen Angels and passed on my first message at the age of four. I work with a beautiful team of Spirit guides who show me the future, present and the past. They also work through me when I am doing Energy Healing, Teaching, Channeling or Trance Mediumship.

As a pet psychic, I can share with you your pets feelings and thoughts. The present and future reveals your current and future situation regarding work, relationships, finances and your career or soul path. The past identifies any blockages that are currently preventing you from moving forward in life. This includes past lives. As a medium I can connect with your loved ones and bring through their messages of love and advice. This of course includes your pets who have passed over.

As a spirit channel, I have the ability to channel your loved ones and guides. The channeling technique I use enables channeled name readings, which are extremely informative and relative regarding your current and future situations. Humming noises are also channeled when I read. These clear away negative energies by transmuting them into light. As a teacher, I can help you identify your abilities and show you how to grow them.

I love to teach and run a spiritual centre which has given me a permanent space to work from. I hold spiritual development classes, meditation circles and channeling circles that have empower so many. To see others progress to the point where they can confidently be guided by their own guides is a blessing for me and I see this as one of my greatest achievements.

I also do spirit rescue work and space clearings. This can be done over the phone too. A combination of channeling healing energy and loving guidance from the spirit world has resulted in a much happier life for those I have the pleasure to connect for. I look forward to passing on the loving guidance from your guides, your loved ones and my own beautiful spirit team.


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  • Hi Susan,

    I came to see you years ago at Adyar Book Store. When I finished having my reading I recall thinking, no I don’t think so.
    You told me that you could see me standing in the sunshine holding a cardboard box.
    You said you could see me so happy because I was leaving my then current job and going into my dream job overseas. At the time I thought I was in my dream job and was never going to leave it. I just need to tell you that EVERYTHING YOU SAID CAME TRUE AND EXACTLY AS YOU DESCRIBED IT. I didn’t remember the reading until now and just had to let you know.

    Thank you

  • It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to write a letter of recommendation for a very talented medium Susan Penno. I’ve had the privilege of working with Susan for a couple of years, have been impressed by her kindness, integrity & accuracy! I have worked in the past with Spiritual Healers, but the difference with Susan is a complete absence of ego. She is fully committed to the growth, well being & empowerment of her clients.

    I’ve made more progress with her in two years, that I have in decades with other practitioners. In the time I’ve been working with Susan I’ve established a much stronger connection to Spirit, especially my beloved dad & I’ve been able to transcend a very painful life situation. Susan is extremely compassionate, caring & honest & I know I would not have made this progress without her.

  • I first went to see Susan for a psychic reading and my parents came through. Since then I have been mentored by Susan and now receive messages for myself and my friends.
    I rarely go to psychics now, because I have now become very psychic and confidant about it. I hear my parents often the my guides. I am very grateful for Susan’s kindness and mentoring. She often went over time in a reading because I had so much healing to be done. Susan was so nurturing and patient which was exactly what I needed. I can say that I am a very different person with a wonderful life now and I highly recommend anyone who needs loving gently guidance, an accurate reading or personal mentoring and psychic development

  • Dear Susan

    I will refer to myself as “Katherine the Great” as this is how my son Jus (Justine) made reference to me during our last reading. Do you realize that heaven and my guides obviously have directed me to you for readings. I have made incredible changes in my life for the better and the guidance has come through you. You are a gift to this world. I hope to see you establish your own business soon as you are remarkable. Just want to say thank you and I will be seeing you soon for another reading/healing.

  • Dear Susan,

    It is a pure blessing to have met you. You lightened up my “kuleana”. You are such a beautiful person & a true inspiration. What drew me to your readings is you welcome warmly everyone as a member of your family or a close friend, you are humble , you don’t judge anyone & embrace everyone with love & light. On top of it your readings are extremely accurate. You are always spot on! We just need to be ready for it hehe ; ) I would definitely continue to recommend you to my friends, family & whoever in needs of an outstanding, personable guidance.

  • Hi Susan! My name is Lauren and you did a reading for me on psychic tv and said you would love to read my palm. Im just here to say you were spot on with everything thing you said and when you said about the old lady that has passed just confirmed exactly who I thought was looking over me so for that I thank you ever so much! You are truely amazing at what you do! do you ever come to Melbourne? If so when I would love to come and meet you!
    Ps. You have made my partner a believer just from your reading of mine due to how spot on you were with everything you said! smile emoticon
    Thanks so much I hope to one day meet you in person.

  • I have known Susan for over 5 years and have been having regular reading sessions with her. She is also my teacher, healer and one of my most trusted friends. 🙂

    During our last reading session, I asked Susan if she could help with an investment property that I had overseas. The place had been on the market for over 2 months and even though the feedback’s from prospective buyers were positive no offers were made. Both my investment partner and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the property because as far as we were concerned it ‘ticked all the boxes’.

    Susan told me that she would tune into the house that evening and clear it. Now, our session was on Friday and sure enough Sunday morning I received an email from my investment partner letting me know that someone has made an offer and that the sale will settle on the 7th November!

    I can’t thank her enough for her help; if it wasn’t for her I’m sure the place would still be on the market today and for many months to come.

    Susan is truly amazing! She’s always very accurate in her readings and she’s an absolute Angel when it comes to healing and teaching too. I highly recommend Susan to anyone who needs spiritual guidance, healing and to anyone who is looking for a spiritual teacher.

  • Hi Susan,

    I just want to say thank you for bringing through my best friend.
    Everything you said was so accurate and it has given me comfort in knowing that he still exists. Prior to my reading with you, I was never really sure, but you had so much proof and to know that he is aware of everything going on my life brings me the greatest joy!

    Thank you so much!