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I am available from Thursday evening until Monday 3pm. 24hours /day

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  • Clairaudient
  • Clairsentient
  • Clairvoyant
  • Psychic
  • Reiki Healer


  • English


  • Tarot Cards


  • Career/work
  • Love/relationships

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  • Leo 


Renowned Psychic Suzie Starr, is a clairvoyant and healer who empowers individuals with no BS truth. From an early age, she has always had a strong 6th sense with accurately foretelling future events.

As well as studying counseling, Suzie has studied the teachings of many great minds such as Anthony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. Her passion for empowerment through truth is the driving force behind mastering the secrets of the tarot cards. She is motivating, dynamic and a clairvoyant with spunk.

Call on Suzie when you’re stuck, need direction, want to know if you’re with the right partner, or need to know your life mission.

0488 809 966

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  • Suzie has counselled me for about 2 years and have found her to be most accurate in her readings. Even when I thought that what she has said could NEVER have happened, time and  time again she was correct in her predictions.I highly recommend if you are looking for a reading that is accurate and down to earth, then Suzie can help you.

Elle Fitzpatrick
  • Suzie is not only a natural born psychic but a woman with a deep level of knowledge in understanding people. Suzie’s readings are always 100% accurate. She not only makes you feel comfortable when speaking with her but also makes you feel empowered at the end of your reading.

Ellene Mariah
  • Wow i had a reading done today and wow i can’t believe how amazing this lady is she was so accurate in every part of her reading and so amazing to find a lady worth doing a reading im so pleased i got suzie to read for me i will be letting all my friends know how great Suzie was thank you so much looking forward to my next reading.

Dianne Smith
  • Thank you so much for your reading. It was spot on, with everything. You answered the questions and dilemma’s in my mind. Some huge things, some life changing decisions are now answered, and I am feeling so much lighter. I know now that my choice in path, a new road is definitely the right way to go to finally find happiness again. Thank you again.

  • Had a fantastic reading last week & was told many exciting things including the news of getting a new job. The prediction was correct 3 days later I got the news of a job offer – my dream job. Thanks Suzie.

Peta Strong
  • I have been speaking with Suzie for a year and a half. I cannot find the right words to express how accurate all of her readings have been…Everything that Suzie has said has been accurate . Not only has she been doing readings for me but she has guided me and been a councellor. If it wasn’t for Suzie I would have given up by now and not be where I am at right now

  • Would like to thank you for your words of wisdom and clarification to all that is of and around me.
    I am and will be much stronger in all. Hope to speak to you again in future with great and positive that have occurred.

Rocio D Silva
  • From the first reading 6 months ago, Suzie has been able to guide me on matters of the heart, career and where to turn next. She always confirms what is already in my inner voice, which means I am able to immediately confirm what she is seeing in the cards and hearing from her guides. She has been spot on with what she is seeing, and it is usually only a day or two before I realise she was right all along.  I love her direct manner, and her passion for helping me to understand exactly what she means as she reads my cards. Suzie is generous and honest and easy to talk with.
    I regularly check in with her for readings during this season in my life because not only do I have confirmations, but I receive an understanding of why I behave the way I do, and why my circumstances are the way they are. Her work is invaluable to me, and I will continue to seek her guidance in the future.

Belinda Flowers
  • I have been coming to Suzie for readings for over 2 year now. Her accuracy has been AMAZING, everything she has ever told me has come to happen, even when I thought it couldn’t, and it’s impossible – it happened. I would highly recommend her for readings as she has ALWAYS been spot on with everything she has ever predicted for me. If you want to know what is going on in times of confusion she is able to unravel the mysteries of the problem…Thanks Suzie always grateful after we chat !!

Lexi Collins Hypnotherapist
  • Absolutely amazing!

Madi Boyce Collinson
  • Just had my reading done with Suzie! one word, AMAZING! 
I got so much out of it! Thanks Suzie x

Elle Taylor
  • Thank You So Much Suzie for a fabulous reading today. It has made me feel so much more positive. Looking forward to the future.

Sue Coburn
  • I have known Suzie for over an year when I was hitting rock bottom.Here is a true clairvoyant that brought me back into believing myself again.i am about to marry my soulmate thanks to her guidance she is one of the best.As to those of you that has doubts about her you need to think twice about her like I said without Suzie and her proper wisdom I would not be here today. God bless you Suzie I will not forget you.

Alice Boyd
  • I had a reading this morning with Suzie and it was just what i needed, I had been apprehensive about the reading all night and was quite dreading the phone ringing but in less than 10 words Suzie had got me laughing and ready to roll with the vibe, The reading was very relaxed and very accurate (She picked up on many things without a word of help from me) She was Packed with positivity a word and state of being that often eludes me
Thanks Suzie we will speak again U Rock

Toni Burton
  • Thank you Suzie for the reading! I was absolutely in tears at the revelations and everything was spot on. It moved mountains for me. I’ll never forget what you told me and I’ll never forget the generosity and compassion you showed me tonight! Please never ever change and God bless you always.

    Guys Suzie is highly recommended seriously you don’t have to say anything and she will reveal everything to you!

Mary Tito
  • Thank you Suzie, your reading was like chatting to an old friend. I feel better and I’m letting go of the negative energy!! XX

Narelle Murray