Saturn Direct, after four months in Retrograde.

Saturn Direct, after four months in Retrograde & what this energy shift means.

Saturn helps us to focus and reflect on time, our responsibilities, work ethic, and our karma. A planet that helps us in learning lessons; some of which may be tough, but all in aid of our best results.


Roman Mythology says that Saturn is a Titan, father of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto; known too as father time. Giving time, but also taking time away. So, during Saturn retrograde, time slows down, days linger and lessons may take longer to realise. Although, this time also allows us to process our directions and reflections. Meaning that there’s less to be missed, if you take a moment or two to analyse your stance and circumstances.

Saturn makes no mess about pushing us and testing our motivations. Ensuring that our goals and wants are exactly where they need to be, but also that we’re not taking our plans lightly. Saturn is cheeky, in that, during its retrograde phase we’re being tested. How long will be stay committed to what we want & push-through any unplanned events or hardships along the way?

Now, don’t give up yet at Saturn is now in Aquarius. Making this a perfect time to continue onwards towards our goals. Those focused on humanitarian and social issues will feel an even stronger energetic push and backing during this time.

Have you reflected upon the questions that arose during Saturn retrograde?

  • How is your life progressing?
  • Are you satisfied with your life?
  • Are you satisfied with where you are within your career/work?
  • Where is there room in your life for adjustment/change?
  • Am I still focused on my goals?
  • How can I make changes to your plans in-order to bring about your dreams?

Reflection will help you better understand how you were able to move through this recent retrograde. Aligning with your growth and keeping your energy in a positive shift.

The next Saturn Retrograde

The next Saturn retrograde will be in 2022. January 4th until October 23rd 2022.

Use the time between these periods to gather your own directions and planning’s. Ensuring you’re still following your own path of truth during this phase of Saturn direct, will ensure the next Saturn retrograde won’t be too confronting.

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